redEVENT Categories

Categorize your events, set a parent category, translate categories, and more!  Read on for more information on how to use redEVENT Categories!

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Categories group events (and their child sessions) together and allow them to have visual cues via color coding.

A single category is required for the most basic redEVENT setup.

Info Tab

The only required field in the Category is the Category name itself.

Optional fields include :
  • Alias - SEF URL slug, automatically generated by saving the Category but a custom alias may be entered here.
  • Status - indicates whether the Category is published or unpublished
  • Parent Category - Categories may be nested using a Parent Category.  The default is the root -- having no parent.
  • Access - Sets the Joomla user group access level for the Category
  • Choose image - Adds a thumbnail/descriptive image to each Category
  • Color - Designates the category visually in the calendar
  • Language - Sets the Joomla language translation for this Category
  • Description - The Category description, which allows full HTML and images if desired.

Rules Tab

Here, granular ACL may be set for categories. Advanced use recommended, as changing these settings may cause your redEVENT installation to behave unexpectedly.

Attachments Tab

Downloadable files may be attached to Categories. This is useful for printable maps, hold harmless agreements, or other files specific to a category of events.

Upload the file from your computer via the Choose button.
Display Name
The Display Name is the linked text on the Category description that links to the download.
Optional text description for the file.