Sessions allow you to break down your event(s) into 'blocks of time'.  You can also set up repeat sessions, charge fees for sessions, and require registration for sessions.

Sessions are currently required in redEVENT, but If your event does not utilize multiple sessions, you can simply create a single session for the event.

Read on to learn more about sessions.

Main Tab

Required fields on the Main Tab, which are the only required fields for a session, are:

  • Event- Assigns the Session to an event.
  • Venue - Assigns the Session to a venue
  • Title - Name of the Session
  • Date - Sets the date of the Session.

Optional Fields are:

  • Alias - SEF URL slug, automatically generated from the Title by saving the Session but a custom alias may be entered here.
  • Session Code - For internal use, similar to a SKU for retail items, this optional field is any designation of your choosing
  • Time - Start time of the Session
  • EndDate - Sets the end date for a multi-day session
  • Endtimes - Sets the end time of the session
  • End of Registration - Designates the final day registration will be allowed, prior to the Session
  • External Registration URL - Links registration to an external service, rather than using redEVENT(, Ticketmaster, etc)
  • Status - indicates whether the Session is published or unpublished
  • Featured -Indicates whether the Session should be included in the Featured Sessions view
  • Language - Sets the Joomla language translation for this Session
  • Description - The Session description, which allows full HTML and images if desired.

Registration Tab

This tab sets the available seating and waitlist (if applicable).

Prices Tab

Sets the Price of registration for either the default or multiple price groups. To set a price for registration, you need to have previously set at least one price group. Price fields available:

  • Price Group- Assigns the price group for the Price
  • Price - Assigns the price specific to this price group
  • Vat % - Tax or VAT to apply
  • SKU - Product code of your choosing to assign to the registration.
  • Currency - Sets the currency the price is designated with. Can use the Default for redEVENT or can be set specifically to this price.

Recurrence Tab

Sets the pattern of recurrence for the Session.

Recurrence can be:

  • None- Session does not recur
  • Daily- Recurs every [Repeat Interval] number of days, until a [Repeat Limit] (number of times or a specific date).
  • Weekly - Recurs every [Repeat Interval] number of weeks, until a [Repeat Limit] (number of times or a specific date) on Happens on [Day of the Week]
  • Monthly - Recurs every [Repeat Interval] number of months, until a [Repeat Limit] (number of times or a specific date) on Happens on [Day of the month] or [Week Day of the Month] and within Week Day of the Month, additional controls on specific day of the week, week of the month, etc.
  • Yearly - Recurs every [Repeat Interval] number of years, until a [Repeat Limit] (number of times or a specific date) on Days of the Year (multiple dates separated by comma).

Roles Tab

Assigns a role (previously set in redEVENT Roles) to a specific user.

Ical Tab

Changes the default Ical location field to a custom location, and/or adds a custom description for the iCal event description.