Venue Categories

Venue categories allow you to group  venues into types or other identifying characteristics for a robust event calendar experience.

A single venue category is required for the most basic redEVENT setup.

The only required field in the Venue Category is the Category name itself. 

Optional fields include : 
  • Alias - SEF URL slug, automatically generated by saving the Venue Category but a custom alias may be entered here.
  • Status - indicates whether the Venue Category is published or unpublished
  • Parent Category - Venue Categories may be nested using a Parent Category.  The default is the root -- having no parent.
  • Access - Sets the Joomla user group access level for the Venue Category
  • Choose image - Adds a thumbnail/descriptive image to each Venue Category
  • Language - Sets the Joomla language translation for this Venue Category
  • Description - The Venue Category description, which allows full HTML and images if desired.