redEVENT provides several tools to help make event management a breeze.

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Import Eventlist Data

You can import events, categories and venues from eventlist 1.0. This is only possible if you didn't create any of events, categories or venues in redEVENT.  Pressing the import button in Tools will automatically process Eventlist tables in your current Joomla database.  This will not import external files.

Add Sample Data

Helps you to get started by creating a sample venue, category, and event. Since a Venue and Category are required to create your first event, this will help you get started testing redEVENT quickly.

Trigger Autoarchive

Autoarchive (or delete) is normally run at the frequency set in global settings. However, you can here manually trigger a manual autoarchive.

Attendees CSV Export

Advanced csv export tool for attendees. Get Attendee information for use in other applications quickly.