Introduction to redSHOP

What is redSHOP?

redSHOP is an advanced e-commerce (shopping cart) extension designed for use with Joomla! Content Management System.

Released on 20th February 2010, redSHOP has seen over 300,000 downloads and has had 100+ updates released since it was made available. It comes with many advanced features that have been implemented over the course of redSHOP's development that are useful to both shopping cart administrators and customers.


redSHOP has been released under the GNU General Public v3 License
More information on this license is available on  GNU's GPL page, with further questions answered in their GPL FAQ.

Overview of redSHOP features

An overview of redSHOP's features can be found  here. In addition to the features listed, the following add further value:


Support is provided for our subscribers only. Our Support Service include assistance with product bugs, including installation problems, problems that may arise during setup, and problems that may arise due to a change in the API of integrated services.
Only the latest released version of redSHOP will be supported.

What Our Support Service Does Not Cover

We do not provide support for product setup and / or usage unless there is a problem due to a bug in the software. Setup and usage information may be seen in the product Wiki. Please be sure you've read all product setup / usage information prior to submitting a ticket for support.
We do not provide support for redSHOP customizations, including the use of templates, addition of custom code, etc. We are happy to provide help with such things through our consulting services.


There are many modules and plug-ins developed by the redSHOP Support Team that are available via subscription. There are also numerous third-party extensions that have been designed for redSHOP that add further value and abilities to redSHOP's own, a list of supported extensions is available here:


There are several templates available for redSHOP users, ranging from templates designed by the redSHOP Support Team to third-party templates from Joomla Template Clubs such as Gavick, JoomlArt, and RocketTheme. A complete list is available in the Templates section of redSHOP's Wiki manual.


redSHOP features several integrations with popular extensions and services, ranging from accounting packages such as "e-conomic" to analytics such as Google Analytics to SEO components such as sh404SEF and AceSEF, with more integrations being added as redSHOP develops. There are also plug-ins available for several popular payment gateways, such as Paypal and, as well as shipment gateways such as UPS and FedEx. More information on the plug-ins available for redSHOP can be found here.