Installing redDEBUG

To install redDEBUG, navigate to Joomla Admin > Extensions > Manage

Select the "Upload Package" tab.

Browse to your downloaded redDEBUG package and choose "Upload & Install".

Available configuration

When configuring the redDEBUG plugin, you will find the following options available
IP-based restriction
You can define a group of IPs to show the debug information. If you decide to do so, only those IP addresses will see the debug footer and errors diagnostics. If you don't restrict any particular address, the debug and diagnostics windows will be available globally.

Global switches
You can decide whether to: 
  • Offline: use redDEBUG only in Joomla! offline mode. Default is "disabled" so it will show even when Joomla! is online. 
  • SEF: when set, you will turn off the SEF mode, so that you can debug the native Joomla! URLs. 
  • In Admin: when set, you will be able to use redDEBUG in Joomla! backend (it's disabled by default).