redSHOP Configuration - Feature Settings

The "Features" tab of redSHOP configuration includes the settings for the display of"Ratings", "Comparison" and "Stockroom".

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Rating/Review completed message - The message that appears when a customer has completed writing a review for a product on the product's details page. More on Customer Reviews in the Marketing section.
Number favoured reviews- The number of reviews that should be displayed in redSHOP's "Reviews" module.
Login Required - Sets whether or not guests may write reviews.


Comparison Settings

Max. No. of Products to Compare - The number of products that a customer can compare at the same time. Customers can compare their products (the number of which can be compared limited by this value) by either using the "Compare" link available within the product catalog via template tag or using redSHOP's Product Compare module. This feature requires that "Enable Product Comparison" be set to "Yes" in order for customers to add products for comparison. 
Comparison can be done - Sets the categories within the product catalog from which products can be added and compared to each other. The shop administrator can select from two settings:
Category - products can only be compared against other products from within the same category
Globally - products can be compared against other products from any category
It is possible to assign specific product comparison templates to whichever categories the shop administrator would like to assign. This is to allow for comparison templates that are specific to the products within those categories, such as one template for comparing camera and another template for comparing garden tools. If "Category" is selected, the default template selected in the Global Config "Product Comparison Template" will be used for display comparisons, unless the category has been assigned a specific template, in which case that template will be used for displaying comparisons of products within that category. 
Available options: Category, Globally

Comparison Layout

Product Comparison Template - The default template that should be used to display product details side by side when a customer has added products for comparison and accesses the "Product Comparison" view. The shop administrator can select from the available list of templates in the Templates section belonging to the "Compare Product" section type. This feature requires that "Enable Product Comparison" be set to "Yes" in order for customers to access the template on the front end. 

Compare Product Thumb : Settings for width/height of the compare products thumb image


When Stockroom settings are enabled:
Set Stock as Infinite: Available options: No, Yes
Default Stockroom  - dropdown of available templates.  Default is the stock option.
Default Stock Amount Image Width/Height