redSHOP Configuration - Dashboard

This section covers configuration settings for additional links and statistic reports that are available for display in redSHOP's Main Menu. Click checkbox and save setting, the content you have clicked on the checkbox will be hidden .

Product  Products management,Products Price, Manufacturers, Suppliers, VAT/Tax Groups, VAT/Tax rates.

Orders Orders, Download Label, Order Statuses, Product Order Search , Quotation.

DiscountMass Discounts, Order Total Discounts, Product Price Discounts, Gift Card, Voucher, Coupon .

Communication Mail , Newsletter, Newsletter Subscribers, Newstetter Statistics.

Shipping Shipping Methods, Shipping Boxes, Wrapping Management.

UserUser, Add User, Synchronise Users, Shopper Groups.

Import/Export -  Data Import/Export , XMl  Import/Export. 

Customization Custom Fields,Custom Field Group,Templates, Text Library, Catalogues, Samples, Samples Request, Customer Tags, Attribute Sets, Currencies, Countries, States, Zipcodes /  Cities.

Customer InputQuestion, Rating/Review

Accounting Customer Statistic, Order Statistic, Product Statistic, Total Visitors, Total Page Views, Total Turnover, Avg. order amount per customer, Top customers measured in amount of orders, Top customer measured in amount of price per order,  Top customer measured in amount spent in total, Most sold products,  Most Popular (Viewed) Products,  Newest Products,  Newest Orders.

Configuration -   redSHOP Configuration, reset template, Backend Access Management,   Global permission configuration.

Tool   Image tool,  Update files & DB.