Creating Fields

Once item types have been created, fields may be created and assigned.

Creating a Field

To create a field navigate to redITEM>Fields>New.

Required boxes in the New Field screen are:

  • Type: Item Type to associate with the field
  • Name: Unique name for your field
  • Fieldtype: Type of input for the content of your field for item creation/submission form.  Can be any of a number of controls, selection of which yields unique parameters.

Field types

When a field type is selected from the fieldtype dropdown, individual settings for that field type are revealed.

List of Field Types

  • Address Suggestion
  • Checkbox
  • Color
  • Date
  • Date Range
  • Editor 
  • File Upload 
  • Gallery 
  • Google Map 
  • Image 
  • Item From Type 
  • Item From Types 
  • Multi Textarea 
  • Number 
  • Radio List 
  • Range Number 
  • Select List 
  • Task List 
  • Text 
  • Text Area 
  • Url 
  • User 
  • Youtube

Using Fields

Fields are inserted into item templates using tags (See "Item Templates"). Once a field is created, the field tag will be automatically added to the list of usable tags in the item template create/edit screen sidebar in the custom fields area (starts with the field code line illustrated here).