Creating & Editing Templates

Templates are the collection and layout of fields for different views of items.  Templates guide how the content is displayed.

Creating Templates

Templates are required before categories or items are created.  A minimum of one Category template and one Item Detail template will be needed to begin with redITEM. 

There are three required parameters to create a template:

  • Type - The item type the template should be assigned to
  • Template Type - The view to be templated, for categories or items
  • Name - A unique name for your template

Template Types

  • Archived Items - Layout for Archived Items view
  • Category Detail - Layout of a category listing of items. Required prior to creating categories
  • Category Detail (Gmaps) - Category detailed view including map.
  • Item Create/Edit - Layout for frontend submission and editing of item.
  • Item Detail - Full item view.  Title, content, and any fields included in the template for display typically on a single page
  • Items (module) - Item lists in module view (often called "teasers" or "intros"), required before using the module.
  • Related Items (module) - Layout for the Related Items module, required before using the module.
  • Search - Layout of search results
  • Search (module) - Layout for the Search Module, required before using the module

Template Tags

Once the template is saved, a sidebar filled with standard and custom fields will appear on the right of the template edit screen.

These tags may be copied and pasted into the HTML editor box of the template to create the content layout.   Note: a field's tag MUST be present in this layout for it to appear in the Create Item screen.

Standard HTML and CSS is used in conjunction with these tags to complete the desired content layout.