Cpanel Overview

The redITEM Control Panel is a start page with quick links to the main elements of the redITEM Component.

Here's an overview of what you can do in each area:

  • Explore
    Explore will allow you to view all of your existing items and access them for editing.
  • Types
    Types is where you will manage your item types, and create new types for grouping content with specific templates / layouts.
  • Categories
    Categories is where you will manage categories for your content items.
  • Items
    This is where you will manage your content items.  You'll probably spend a bulk of your time in this view, once you have everything all configured (templates, etc)
  • Fields
    Each individual element of content for each item type is created as a field. Fields can be grouped into Field Groups.
  • Templates
    Templates are the structure/layout of any view used in redITEM.  Templates are created for categories, content item types, module views, teaser views and more.
  • Configuration
    Configuration is where social sharing settings, permissions and other settings within redITEM can be changed.