Managing Templates

Templates are the structures of content items.  

The template management page has a number of functions for working with redITEM templates.

Publishing Templates

Templates may be published and unpublished from this screen.  By publishing a template, it is available for use in content item and menu item creation.  Conversely, unpublished templates are removed from the selection boxes in those functions. To toggle the state (publish or unpublish) of a template, admins may:

Directly click the status icon to the left of the template title OR

Toggle multiple templates by: 

  1. Choose the checkbox to the left of the status icon for any templates to be toggled
  2. Choose the Publish or Unpublish button at the top of the management page.

Duplicating Templates

Also from the template management page, admins may duplicate existing templates for future editing using the Copy function.  To duplicate a template, select its checkbox (to the left of the template title and publishing status icon) and 

Creating and Editing Templates

Primarily, however, this screen is used for creating or editing templates .  The table lists the content type and template style of each template to allow admins to see which templates currently exist.