Add Order

redSHOP allows you to easily create manual orders for your customers.  To create a new order for your customer go to the Order link, and click on Add Order

Add Order

From the Order: [New] screen you can select an existing customer or create a new one, set billing and shipping address, add product(s) to the order, and specify a payment method.

Create order for existing customer

You can create an order for an existing customer by finding them in your shop's database and applying the user.  To find the user, start typing their name in the Select box, click on the custom name in the presented results, confirm the billing and shipping address, and then click on the Apply user button to continue creating the order for the selected customer:

Fill out the order form to add product(s), discounts, set the status and preferred payment method, and save the order.

You have a few options when saving the order, including:

  • Save + Pay - Save the order and manually enter payment info.  This is great for taking orders on the phone, for instance.
  • Save without email - this will save the order and will not send an order invoice to the customer.
  • Save & Close - this will save the order and send an invoice email to the customer, which will include the full order details and a link to your shop to log in and make payment.

Create order for new customer

If you want to manually create an order for a custom who does not yet exist in your shop database, you can create the customer first, and then create the order for them as outlined above.

To create the customer simply leave the default 'Yes' option selected in the Create Account field, fill in the user's Billing Address, User name, and password fields, and click Apply user.  A new user will be created and login details sent to the user, and you can then create the order for the newly added user.