Quotations Detail

redSHOP allows you to easily create manual orders for your customers.  To create a new quotation for your customer go to the Quotation link, and click on "Quotations"

Firstly you have one web-site use Joomla and installed redSHOP component. Access your web-site by administrator page by (username/password) has been provided

Secondly you click on Component on main menu and select on "redSHOP"

 Webpage will display overview page administrator of redSHOP and click on Order tab then select "Quotation" item 

Finally webpage show list quotation 

Create Quotation in back-end

1. Go to back-end redSHOP page and click on "Order" tab select "Quotation" items.

2. Page Quotation Management display and click on "New" button 

3.  Fill in User Name has created in Quotation [New] page 

4. Fill in product name has created 

5. Fill in product name in field name and click "Save" button. Webpage will show Quotation detail page contain information of customer, quotation detail

6. Change status Quotation (if yes): Go to quotation need change status and click on field Quotation Status "Requested" and click on "Save" button

Video for Quotation in back-end: Click here

/div> h2 id="overview">Overview Quotation Detail

Quotation Information

Date - record the date after user create quotation 

Number - the unique number identifying the quotation

Quotation IP Address - IP Address of your computer

Quotation Note - 

Customer Note - the note of customer when user create quotation in front-end page (if yes)

Quotation Status - here you can see the current status of the quotation, make a change manually to the status, add a note to describe the change and the reason for it, and update the quotation status with the option to notify the customer.

Account Information 

First name - the first name of customer on per order item

Last name - the last name of customer on per order item

Address - the address of where custom live or resgister

Postal Code - the zipcode of region where custom live or resgister

City - the zipcode of region where custom live or resgister

Country - the cuontry of region where custom live or resgister

State - the state of region where custom live or resgister

Phone -  the phone of customer has registered by user 

Email - the email of customer has registered by user

Quotation Details 

Action - can click delete product list in quotation page  

Name - the name of product in quotation detail 

Note - 

Price without VAT/Tax - the price of product without VAT, price original 

Price - the price original of product  

Product Quantity - the quantity of product in order 

Total - the total price of each product 

Quotation Subtotal - the price exclude discount and VAT

Discount Without VAT - the price discount exclude VAT 

Discount With VAT - the price discount include VAT if use 

Quotation Special Discount - the price quotation special discount

Quotation Subtotal After Discount - the price rest quotation subtotal after discount 

Quotation Tax - the price VAT/Tax for all quotation if use 

Quotation Total - the price total for all quotation 

Add Product

Name - the name of product in quotation detail 

Note - 

Price without  VAT/Tax - the price of product without VAT, price original 

Price - the price of product without VAT, price original 

Quantity - the quantity of product in order 

Total - the total price of each product 

Action - it will show "Add" button when user select first product to add product  

Create Quotation in front-end 

1. Go on Joomla administrator then click on "Menus" page Menus will display and on "Menu Items" then click "New" button to create 1 items menu

2. User fill in Menu title: "Quotation" then click on "Select" in field menu items type

3. Webpage will show popup have title "Menu Items Type" then user select redSHOP items in popup

4. Page will show some items in dropdown list user will scroll down and select "Quote" items.

5. After click "Quote" items popup will close then user select Menu display on frontend and click "Save" button 

6. User go on frontend and click on "Quotation" on menu and login account has created

7. Webpage will show quotation items in frontend 

8. When user click on "Product" tab and add to cart some product 

9. Click on "Quotation" in main menu it will some product 


10.1 Click on "Continue" button it will redirect to cart page 

10.2 Click on "Request a Quote" button to send quotation cart detail to shop owner

Video for create Quotation in front-end: Click here