redSHOP 2.0.2

redCOMPONENT is pleased to announce the immediate availability of redSHOP 2.0.2. This is an Improvement release with bug fixes.

Important note: redSHOP 2.0 is only compatible with Joomla 3.x. If your site is still in Joomla 2.5 or early note that your version is not any more maintained and update is recommended.

Install and UPDATE instructions

To install or update redSHOP check the instructions article:

Changelog - redSHOP - Version


  • [REDSHOP-3096] - create new Discount - required field when submit
  • [REDSHOP-3154] - An error has occurred when save mass discount
  • [REDSHOP-3170] - Add Shipping Addresses: Format form changed after submit with empty fields
  • [REDSHOP-3181] - Add user in User Management Detail : Can't scroll down the page
  • [REDSHOP-3192] - Missing text in the string "PLG_RS_PAYMENT_BANKTRANSFER" when view invoice PDF order detail
  • [REDSHOP-3212] - Add language for string EMAIL_ALREADY_EXISTS
  • [REDSHOP-3215] - Missing language for string COM_REDSHOP_PLEASE_ENTER_VALID_QUANTITY
  • [REDSHOP-3216] - Tags {reviewdate} not be replaced by correct data of a review
  • [REDSHOP-3218] - Dashboard be jumping on 1920 x 1080 screen
  • [REDSHOP-3229] - Render cart layout when the cart module isn't on redshop views
  • [REDSHOP-3234] - Fatal error: Call to undefined method RedshopModelWizard::getCurrency
  • [REDSHOP-3236] - Notice: Use of undefined constant DEFAULT_CATEGORYLIST_TEMPLATE
  • [REDSHOP-3237] - Notice: Use of undefined constant AUTOGENERATED_SEO
  • [REDSHOP-3238] - Add cart show null value
  • [REDSHOP-3239] - Fatal error: Class 'RedshopSiteExtraField' not found
  • [REDSHOP-3240] - Notice: Undefined variable: myWishlist in account view
  • [REDSHOP-3250] - Wrong statistics on dashboard
  • [REDSHOP-3275] - Style error message
  • [REDSHOP-3277] - Should be validate the Discount Name, Discount amount, Discount Type fields with alert before submit
  • [REDSHOP-3281] - General Layout Settings - Need to make sure default option is NO
  • [REDSHOP-3283] - Allow create mass discount WITH manufacturer only
  • [REDSHOP-3286] - GLS plugin - Set Amount to show
  • [REDSHOP-3300] - Plugin: redgoogleanalytics does not generate Google Analytics
  • [REDSHOP-3304] - The number product to compare isn't update on redSHOP - Products Compare module
  • [REDSHOP-3310] - Send mail letter a product : Message is wrong after submit with Subject is empty
  • [REDSHOP-3312] - Image in mail letter is broken


  • [REDSHOP-3097] - Remove Legacy Configuration file and method
  • [REDSHOP-3178] - Remove "Optimize redSHOP tables" from redSHOP 2.0
  • [REDSHOP-3198] - Force redSHOP system plugin to enable during upgrade
  • [REDSHOP-3214] - Do not allow delete Super Administrator account via redSHOP - Delete Users
  • [REDSHOP-3219] - No need to show notice message when cancel New user
  • [REDSHOP-3225] - Remove Configuration Wizard from Dashboard view
  • [REDSHOP-3265] - This text box should only be visible if both start and end date data is entered - see image