redEVENT 3.2.0

Release Date:  Oct 21, 2016

The following updates were included in this release:

  • translation update
  • fixed bug on field setLabel
  • [fix] fixed payment request label and sku bug
  • [fix] fixed attendees reset filter bug, fixes #REDEVENT-125
  • [fix] fixed backend categories filters, fixes #REDEVENT-126
  • translations update
  • [imp] add sessionmodal form field, based on bootstrap modal
  • [fix] removed required attribute to template_id in event form if disabled
  • [fix] hide bundle feature by default
  • [fix] fixed uninstall
  • [fix] filter registrations list on unique id, fixes #REDEVENT-121
  • [fix] fixed session->isFull
  • [imp] enable bundles feature through redevent_config plugin
  • [fix] fixed attendee edit in backend
  • [imp] added GetFull, getBooked, getLeft on session twig entity
  • [imp] fixed modal tags, now insert to editor when clicked
  • [fix] prevent changing event template if it has attendees (could change registration form)
  • [imp] added settign to allow guest user to use multiple registration form. Needs fix for sections
  • merge develop
  • [fix] fixed display of price labels in registration form
  • [fix] use proper formatting for registration price in registration form, fixes #KK-229
  • [fix] fixed recurrence repeat until date field, fixes #KK-232
  • [fix] fixed venuemap, switched from mootools to jquery, fixes #KK-230
  • [fix] remove alter ingore table from sql queries
  • [imp] better looking admin dashboard and sidebar, fixes #REDEVENT-115
  • [imp] adding bundles for #MT16-57