Event templates

Templates were introduced in redEVENT 3.1 to decrease the complexity of the event form, by grouping the 'flow' oriented fields, which in most cases would be repeated from one event to the others.

Templates is were you can build the registration form, the content of notification emails, etc...

Info Tab

Required fields on the Info Tab, which are the only required fields for an event, are:

  • Name: name of the event.

Optional Fields are:

  • Language: language of template, used for joomla native multilanguage implementation
  • Enable iCal button: Show a button on details page to export event to ical format
  • Layout: Chooses whether to create a static event listing (Fixed) or dynamically filled via tags (tags). Tags cheat sheet is included in the Tags link just below this setting.
  • Meta Keywords: define pattern for details page meta keywords (supports tags)
  • Meta Description: define pattern for details page meta description (supports tags)

Registration Tab

This tab allows attaching a redFORM form to enable registration for the event.

Registration Types Tab

On this tab, set the types of submission allowed for this event, and the content of the page displayed when the user clicks on registration link.

Activation Tab

Sets the content and settings for user account activation (and subsequently registration confirmation) via email, bypassing the Joomla user activation email.

Confirmation Tab

Sets the email that will be sent to the attendee to notify him that they were succesfully accepted on the attending list for the event (pending payment). Payment information tags would be advisable here.

Payment Tab

Sets the content of pages when payment status is processing and accepted.