Registrations notifications recipients

When a registration happens, different notification emails are sent to different recipient(s) depending on which state the registration is in.

Recipients types


The attendee will receive emails on the email address specified on the registration form (if the field is set to receive notifications...).

Session admins

Depending on the session associated to the registration, the session admins emails will be determined as such:

  • the 'Default notification recipients' set in global redEVENT settings (registration tab).
  • the event creator email, if 'Notify event creator' is set to yes in global redEVENT settings (registration tab).
  • the venue email, if set.
  • the members of joomla group which are:
    • allowed to 'Get registrations' in global redEVENT settings, permission tab
    • allowed to manage events, in the venue 'permission' tab
    • allowed to manage events, in at least one of the event category 'category rules' tab

Notification emails

Registration created

The registration was just posted, an entry was created in redFORM (note: this can trigger emails too, depending on the form settings, see redFORM documentation).


The attendee will receive a notification email if the option is enabled in the event template setting (activation tab).


A notification email will be sent to the session admins'.

Registration confirmation


if 'enable confirmation' is set in the event (template) settings, the attendee should receive a confirmation link in the previous section notification email. If he confirms the registration by clicking on that link, he will receive this email.

if 'enable confirmation' is not set, then the registration is considered as 'confirmed' automatically, and is added either to attending state, or to waiting list state if there are no more places available.

Attending/waiting state change

Those emails are sent when the registration switch from attending to waiting list status, and on registration confirmation (see previous section)


The attendee receives a mail according to the subject/body set in the event template, and to the global settings


The session admins receive a mail about the state change, depending on the notification setting for this in global redEVENT options (no email, only for attending, only for waiting list, both).