redSHOP 2.0.6

redCOMPONENT is pleased to announce the immediate availability of redSHOP 2.0.6. This is an Improvement release with bug fixes.

Important note: redSHOP 2.x is only compatible with Joomla 3.x. Please note that if your site is still on Joomla 2.5 or earlier releases your version is no longer maintained or supported and an update is highly r ecommended .

Install and UPDATE instructions

To install or update redSHOP check the instructions article:

redSHOP 2.0.6 Changelog

I. Improvement

  1. Joomla! 3.7.1 compatible 
  2. [Admin] Implement Joomla! nested tree for Categories
  3. [Admin] Improve layout for Categories & Category Edit
  4. [Admin] Improve layout for Fields and Field Edit
  5. [Admin] Improve layout for Discounts and Discount Edit
  6. [Admin] Add new layout and structure for applying Joomla! ACL on Categories, Fields and Suppliers
  7. [Admin] Can create custom field for Order and Store in Order. Order custom field data can be replaced in Invoice pdf as well.
  8. [Admin] In order detail page, implement timeline layout for order status log
  9. [Template] Add new tag {stock_status} to render stock status of product on order
  10. [Template] Add new tag {lowest_price} to render lowest price (base on product attribute prices) of product on product list & product detail
  11. [Template] Add new tag {highest_price} to render highest price of product (base on product attribute prices) on product list & product detail
  12. [Admin] Implement inline-edit feature for Categories Management, Fields Management and Suppliers Management page. This feature can be enabled/disabled in Configuration

2. New

  1. [Plugin] redSHOP Bundle product type: Allow to create product bundles. User can view and add to cart this bundle as a normal product
  2. [Plugin] Google Analytics support
  3. [Plugin] Generate Google microdata for product. Auto-generate Google Microdata tag with 3 types (JSON, Microdata tag and RDFa) for product
  4. [Module] redSHOP Products: Add new param for “Watched products” displaying

3. Fix bugs

  1. Fix - VAT wrong calculation based on user’s billing/shipping address.
  2. Fix - Cannot create menu item for Product detail.
  3. Fix - Generate book invoice with Economic integration.
  4. Fix - Error on checkout with Economic integration.
  5. Improve search function with keyword and fix the return wrong result when multi-language is enabled.
  6. Fix - Discount prices are not updated when products are imported from CSV
  7. Fix - Missing product attribute data when imported from CSV.
  8. Fix – Attribute video is not shown.
  9. Fix - Cannot save Product Accessories for Category.
  10. Fix - Sometimes shipping and payment plugin cannot load the languages.