Product Order Search

The product order search is page statistic all product has customer ordered. In This Article

In this article

Firstly you have one web-site use Joomla and installed redSHOP component. Access your web-site by administrator page by (username/password) has been provided

Secondly you click on Component on main menu and select on "redSHOP"

Finally webpage will display overview page administrator of redSHOP. Click on Order tab then click on Product Order Search item

Overview of product Order Search Screen

(1) Name - the list name product of order has customer ordered from backend, frontend 

(2) SKU - the product number of each product 

(3) Order ID - the id of order it show in order receipt page after checkout successful

(4) Date - the order date has created by customer 

(5) Status - the status of order Shipping, Pending, Confirmed, Canceled, Refunded, ... 

(6) Quantity - the quantity each order 

(7) Name - the name of user has registered 


Search Name - search all name product have name same with character has fill in this field 

Reset - reset all character user has input 

Select Status - filter order product follow status

Select User - filter order product follow user