Gift Cards

The gift card in redSHOP support customers who need to buy gift cards or give someone as a gift. Users can use it when place orders on site as a discount code.

Firstly you have one web-site use Joomla and installed redSHOP component. Access your web-site by administrator page by (username/password) has been provided

Secondly you click on Component on main menu and select on "redSHOP"

Finally webpage will display overview page administrator of redSHOP. Click on Order tab then click on Gift Cart item 

Overview of Gift Card Manager


(1) Status - view status gift card item when this gift card is working or not 

(2) Gift Card Name - the name of the gift card as it will be displayed on the front-end
(3) Gift Card Image - The image of the gift card 
(4)  Gift Card Background Image - Backgroud image of the gift card 
(5) Gift Card Price - gift card purchase price
(6) Gift Card Value - gift card value to the user
(7) Gift art Validity - gift card validity in days
(8) ID - ID of the gift card 


New - appears when adding a new gift card 

Edit - edit item when want change gift card items 

Delete - delete 1 or more items has selected. Items has deleted will remove list gift card items
Publish - it change status from unpublish to publish for gift card items is working
Unpublish - it change status from publish to unpublish for gift card items not working

Overview of Gift Card Details


(1) Gift Card Name - the name of gift card 

(2) Customer Amount - User defined gift card amount
(3)  Gift Card Price - gift card purchase price
(4)  Gift Card Value - gift card value to the user
(5)  Gift art Validity - gift card validity in days
(6) Free Shipping - Allow free shipping with gift card or not
(7) Publish - It change status from unpublish to publish for gift card items is working or not
(8)  Gift Card Image - The image of the gift card
(9)  Gift Card Background Image - Backgroud image of the gift card
(10) Description - description of the gift card    


Save - apply the changes made to the gift card details or create new item and show information change latest on the page 
Save & Close - apply the changes made to the gift card details or create new and return to the gift card management 

Close - return to the gift card management without saving any changes

Working with Gift Cards within redSHOP

Create Gift Card

1. Go to backend page of REDSHOP and click Discount then select "Gift Cards" tab. Then click on New button

2. User fill data in some filed as: Name, Price, Value .... Then user click on Choose file button to choose image for gift card

After that, click on "Save & Close" button 

Web will show on Gift Card Management page in list has show item just create 

Video for Create Gift card: Click here

Show and order Gift Card list on Frontend

Show Gift Card list

1. Click on Joomla icon to go to Joomla administrator page

2. Click on Menus, then hover on Main Menu, webpage will display Add New Menu Item, click on it

3. User fill Gift cart list in Menu Title. Click Select

4. Webpage will show popup have title "Menu Items Type" then user select redSHOP items in popup. After that, click on Gift Card List 

5. User click on "Save" button

6. Click on "View Site" icon in top right page 

7. Web show Home page site and click on "Gift Cards List" in main menu 

8. Web page will show all item Gift Cards 

Video for show Gift card list: Click here

Order Gift Card 

1. User login on site

User click on Gift Card name want to use

Webpage will display information of the gift card

2. User fill data in Gift Card Receive Name and Gift Card Receive Email, Then user click on Add to cart button

3. User click on Cart on Menu

4. Cart page show gift card item. User click on Checkout button

5. User need create a address to shipping. Click on Add address

6. User fill data in all field, then click on Save button. When address save success, close popup

7. Choose Payment Method and click on Checkout

8. Select Accept checkbox. Finally, click on Checkout : Final Step

9. Webpage will display Order Receipt with all infor user's order

To check the order, user go to backend page of REDSHOP and click Order then select "Orders" tab

Webpage will show all Order items, User click on order item with id 18 

User sroll down to order details, Webpage will display all information of the order which user just ordered

Video for checkout Gift card: Click here