VAT/Tax Group

Germany and France were the first countries to implement VAT, doing so in the form of a general consumption tax during World War I. A  value-added tax (VAT), known in some countries as a goods and services tax (GST), is a type of tax that is assessed incrementally. Like an income tax, it is based on the increase in value of a product or service at each stage of production or distribution. However, a VAT is collected by the end retailer and is usually a flat tax, and is therefore frequently compared to a sales tax.

VAT essentially compensates for the shared services and infrastructure provided in a certain locality by a state and funded by its taxpayers that were used in the elaboration of that product or service. Not all localities require VAT to be charged and goods and services for export may be exempted ( duty free). VAT is usually implemented as a destination-based tax, where the tax rate is based on the location of the consumer and applied to the sales price. Confusingly, the terms VAT, GST, consumption tax and sales tax are sometimes used interchangeably. VAT raises about a fifth of total tax revenues both worldwide and among the members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).[1]:14 As of 2018, 166 of the 193 countries with full UN membership employ a VAT, including all OECD members except the United States,[1]:14 which uses a sales tax system instead.

Firstly you have one web-site use Joomla and installed redSHOP component. Access your web-site by administrator page by (username/password) has been provided

Secondly you click on Component on main menu and select on "redSHOP"

 Finally webpage will display overview page administrator of redSHOP 

Overview of VAT Group listing screen


VAT/Tax Group Name - the name VAT Group 

Published - the status of VAT Group 

Tax Rate - the number VAT rate items have in VAT Group items

ID - the id number of each VAT Group items


New - appears when adding a new VAT Group record, click on this to add the new VAT Group details to the VAT Group catalog 

Delete - delete 1 or more items has selected. Items has deleted will remove list items VAT Group

Published - it change status from unpublish to publish for items VAT Group is working 

Unpublished - it change status from unpublish to publish for items VAT Group is not working 

Check-in - will unlock any items manufacturer when someone viewing it 

Overview of VAT Group detail screen


VAT/Tax Group Name - the name of VAT/Tax Group 

Publish - the status of VAT/Tax group 


Save - saves any changes made and refreshes the page and show data same when user fill in 

Save & Close - saves any changes made, redirects to the listing screen and show items have just create 

Save & New - saves any changes made, redirects to the page create new

Close - returns to the listing screen without saving any changes when on in new create item view 

Cancel - returns to the listing screen without saving any changes when on in new create item view 

Working with redSHOP

Create VAT Group items

1. Go to backend of redSHOP click on Product tab and select on VAT/Tax Group   
2. Webpage show VAT/Tax Group management and click "New" button 

3. Page create VAT/Tax display and fill in VAT/Tax Group name is "Asian" then click on "Save & Close" button

4. Then click on "Save & Close" button 

Video for VAT/Tax Group in redSHOP: Click here