Newletters Subcribers

Newsletter is the practice by which shop send informational and product-focused content via an emailed letter to a subscriber. Online businesses utilize newsletters to keep their brand top-of-mind for consumers, establishing authority in the space and notifying readers of products that may interest them.

You have one web-site use Joomla and installed redSHOP component. Access administrator web-site page by (username/password) has been provided

You click on Components on main menu and then select on "redSHOP" tabs.

Next, Webpage will display overview page administrator of redSHOP, you click on "Communication" tab and select on "Newsletter Subcribers" item. 

Overview Newsletter Subscribers Management Screen 


Username for subscriber - username of newsletter Subscribers.

Newsletters Subscription Date - the date in which subscribe registered successfully.

Newsletter - name of Newsletter subcribled.

Published - the status of subcribled.


New -  add a new newsletter subscription.
Edit - edit 1 item newsletter subscription.
Delete - delete 1 or more items has selected. Items has deleted will remove out of Newsletter Subscribers Management.
Published - enable Subscriber.
Unpublished - disable  Subscriber.

Overview Newsletter Subscribers Detail 


Select User - list all usernames in shop. It only shows when user entered the username properly.

Select Newsletter - select template of Newsletter.

Newsletter Subscription Date - the date of newsletter Subscriber.

Subscriber Email - the email of username. It will show when user Select user field.

Published - the status of newsletter subscriber item.


Save - apply the changes made to the newsletter subscriber details or create new item and show information change latest on the page.

Save & Close - apply the changes made to the newsletter subscriberdetails or create new and return to the newsletter subscriberlisting screen .

Cancel/Close - return to the newsletter subscriber listing screen without saving any changes.

Working Newsletter Subscribers with redSHOP

Create Newsletter Subscription

1. Click on "New" button in Newsletter Subscriber.

2. Webpage will show Newsletter Subscriber: [New] page.

3. Select user, date and choose status of Newsletter Subscriber then click on "Save & Close" button.

4. Webpage will show list of items and the message "Newsletter Subscriber Detail saved".

5. Go to Newsletter Management page to view items No. of Subcribers.

6. Webpage show Newsletter Management page and view items No. of Subcribers it will show 2 in item News Letter Demo.