Define and manage all zipcode in redSHOP.

You have one web-site use Joomla and installed redSHOP component. Access your web-site by administrator page by (username/password) has been provided.

You click on Component on main menu and select on "redSHOP".

Webpage will display overview page administrator of redSHOP.

Overview of Manufacturer Listings screen


(1) City - City where given zip code

(2) Country name - Country name where given zip code

(3) State name - State name where given zip code

(4) Zipcode - Zip Postal Code 

(5) ID - ID of the zipcode


New -  appears when adding a new zip code
Delete - delete 1 or more items has selected. Items has deleted will remove list zip code items
Check-in - will unlock any zip code items when someone viewing it 

Overview of Manufacturer details


City - City where given zip code

Country name -Country name where given zip code

State name -State name where given zip code

From - start zipcode

To - end zipcode


Save - apply the changes made to the  zip code details or create new item and show information change latest on the page 
Save & Close - apply the changes made to the zip code details or create new and return to the Zipcode Management 
Save & New - apply the changes made to the zip code details or create new and return to the zip code create page new items other 
Cancel - return to the Zipcode Management  without saving any changes

Working with  Zipcodes/Cities within redSHOP

Create Zipcode item

Firstly, user need have states and countries which want to create zipcode

1. Go to backend page of redSHOP and click Customization then select "Zipcodes/Cities" tab. Then click on New button.

2. User fill in some data as City, Country Name, State Name, From fields... 

3. After that, User click on Save & Close button.

Webpage will return Zipcode Management with zip code item just created.Video for Create Zipcode: Click here

Use Zipcode to do?

Zipcodes/Cities show all zipcode belong to city. To shipper or shopper can know where user live.

Use the Zipcode for the shipping rate that depend on the city where the user lives, the shipping rate will change according to the user's area

User can only see Shipping Rate which have Zipcode same as zipcode of them account, or zipcode of account is in range of zipcode of shipping rate.

Example, with user live in HCM and zippcode is 700000.

1. User create shipping rate with name is HCM and choose Zip code is 700000.

When user checkout in frontend, shipping Method only display shipping rate which user have role to see (Mean is zipcode of user's account which is in range of the zipcode of shipping rate)

2. After user go to frontend page, user login on site.

3. Then add to cart some product and click on Checkout. 

Webpage only display shipping Method which user can choose 

4. Add a example with shipping rate. User lives in Denmark and zipcodes is 2000.

5. User create an shipping rate with zipcode is 600000.With zipcode of the shipping rate, user not in range this zipcode, they can't see this shipping rate. 

Video for Use zipcode: Click here