Stockroom Image management

Imagine user have some products out of stock without message, images to warning. It is really hard to find out where we should put it.

Images of stockroom should be saved and managed in a system. This page help user to define and manage images easily.  

Firstly, you have one web-site use Joomla and installed redSHOP component. Access your web-site by administrator page by (username/password) has been provided.

Secondly, you click on Component on main menu and select on "redSHOP".

 Webpage will display overview page administrator of redSHOP then click on "Stockroom" tab and select on "Stock Image List" item.

Overview Stock Image List Screen


Search field - 

Filter field - filter all product list as: name, SKU, Category, Product, Attribute value, Sub attribute value.

Stockroom Image Tooltip -  the tooltip of Image stockroom.

Stock Amount Image - the image of the stockroom that will appear on the front-end.

Stock Quantity - the limited condition for stockroom.

Stock Amount - operations for stockroom.

Stockroom - the name of stockroom in the shop.


New - Add a new stock image record, users will move to add the new stock image details to the product catalog.

Edit - Edit stock image items.

Delete - Delete 1 or more items has selected. 

Working Stock Image with redSHOP

Create Stock Image item 

1. Click on "New" button In Stock Image management.

2. Webpage show "Stock Amount Image: [New]" page.

3. User will fill in Name is "Out of Stock" then click on "Save & Close" button.

4. Stock image just created has name "Out of stock" disappears on management list.

Display in Product Detail

5. Go to Inventory for all Stockroom, edit quantity some products and click on "Save" icon later.

6. Go to Template from Customization, then select "product" item and add "{product_stock_amount_image}" tag.

7. After clicking on "Save and Close" button, goes to product detail and view product out of stock image.

8. Similiarly for In Stock room image if user wish to display In stock status for product detail.

Video for Stockroom Image management here