redSHOP Shipping GLS Bussiness

After download Plugin redSHOP Shipping GLS Bussiness

Go to Joomla administrator and install plugin

Clicks on Extensions on Top menu and select "Plugins"

Webpage will display all plugin . User fill plugin name on search field then clicks on search button

Webpage will display Shipping GLS Business Plugin. Use click on it .

Webpage will display Shipping GLS Business detail

User choose Yes at Allow create pacsoft label and choose status is Enabled to display plugin on front end. Then clicks Save button.

User create Shipping with name "Demo Shipping GLS business": User go to admin redSHOP → Shipping → Shipping Methods → redSHOP - Shipping GLS Business → Shipping Rate → New button:

Capture 2018-09-21 at 15.04.57.png

User create product with name "Yogurt" and click Preview button to go to page front-end of products.

Add to card for this product and go to checkout, click choose "redSHOP-Shipping GLS Business" , choose payment method and clicks checkout button.

User can see Shipping with vat . Then click Final checkout. Make sure Shipping Method Name in Order Information is "redSHOP-Shipping GLS Business"

User can see name  in Order Information is "redSHOP-Shipping GLS Business"