redSHOP Giao Hang Nhanh

How to install module/plugin on Joomla administrator

1. Make sure install plugins redSHOP: Giao hang nhanh is succes

2. Enable plugins Self-Pickup: Extensions → Plugins → search "redSHOP: Giao hàng nhanh":

3. Create Shipping with name "Demo GiaoHangNhanh": admin redSHOP → Shipping → Shipping Methods → redSHOP: Giao hàng nhanh → Shipping Rate → New button:

4. Create product with name "Yogurt": admin redSHOP → menu → Product → Product Management → New button:

5. Add to card for this product and go to checkout, click choose "redSHOP: Giao hàng nhanh":

6. Click Final checkout. Make sure Shipping Method Name in Order Information is "redSHOP: Giao hàng nhanh":