EAN Transfer Discount Payment

After download Plugin redSHOP Payment EAN Tranfer

1. Go to Joomla administrator page and install plugin 

2. Click on Extensions on top menu and select "Plugins" 

3. Webpage will display all plugin. User fill plugin name on search field then click on search button

4. Webpage will display EAN TranferPayments Plugin. User click on it

5. User fill in some filed as: Payment price. Choose status is Enabled to display plugin on front end. Then click on Save button

5. User go to site by clicking on View site icon

6. User goes on frontend and add to cart product

7.  User go to cart checkout and click "Checkout" button

8. User choose Payment Method with EAN Transfer Payments, then click on Checkout button

9. User choose accept checkbox and click on Checkout: final step

10. Webpage will display order receipt page