Plugin PostDanmark - Update Shipping User Information

How to install module/plugin on Joomla administrator

1. Make sure install plugin PostDanmark - Update Shipping User Information is successful

2. Enable plugin PostDanmark - Update Shipping User Information: Extension→ Plugin → search  PostDanmark - Update Shipping User Information

3. User field 2 fill PostDanmark Consumer ID, Google Map API Key  

4. User go on shipping PostDanmark in backend

5. User create shipping Shipping PostDanMark items have name "Demo Shipping Post Danmark"  

6. User go on frontend and add to cart product 

7. User go on Cart and click "Checkout" button 

8. Webpage show Billing to Information page and user choose item Shipping just create and click on "Choose a point of delivery" button  

9. User click a red point. And Click OK 

10. User click "Checkout: final step" button to checkout cart