redSHOP 2.1.5

redCOMPONENT is pleased to announce the immediate availability of redSHOP 2.1.5. This is a maintenance release with bug fixes, refactoring and improvements.

Important note: redSHOP 2.x is only compatible with Joomla 3.x. Please note that if your site is still on Joomla 2.5 or earlier releases your version is no longer maintained or supported, and an update is highly recommended.

Install and UPDATE instructions

To install or update redSHOP check the instructions article:

redSHOP 2.1.5 Changelog

  • Bump 2.1.5 version via shell script
  • REDSHOP-1962: [Refactor] create update servers for redSHOP
  • REDSHOP-5681 [Refactor] - Tags System - Refactoring Code - Template section: Ajax cart detail box
  • REDSHOP-5725 Remove automation tests for PHP 5.6
  • [Hotfix] Fix bug Twig render
  • REDSHOP-5723: Add up more fix for gulp composer
  • [Hotfix] Fix style error
  • REDSHOP-5721: [Hot Fix] not found class Redshop\Environment
  • [Hotfix] Fix auto enable all plugins twig when install/update redshop
  • REDSHOP-5701: [Refactor] - Apply Twig for layouts redSHOP - Libraries - Tag Section Accessory
  • REDSHOP-5700 - Update dock bock for library Twig
  • [Refactor] - Centralized, Consistent Code: Component/Site/Helpers/route
  • REDSHOP-5700: [Refactor] Build Twig libraries for redSHOP
  • REDSHOP-5677 [Refactor] - Tags System - Refactoring Code - Template section: Accessory Templates
  • REDSHOP-5676 Replace the 2.38 image to image 79.0
  • REDSHOP-5687 - Refactor - Centralized, Consistent Code: Component/Site/Helpers/extraField
  • REDSHOP-5673 - Refactor - Centralized, Consistent Code: Component/Site/Helpers/CurrencyHelper
  • REDSHOP-5666 Hide Shipping method when has 1 item shipping in checkout final page
  • REDSHOP-5665 Can't send question when user not login
  • REDSHOP-4006 Add Attribute Price - Edit button working incorrect
  • REDSHOP-5658 Question popup show category
  • REDSHOP-5660 Update file Support run automation on local
  • RT-15 Product list (frontend) compare product no show name product on tooltip compare
  • REDSHOP-5655 Sample Edit - Save, Save & Close , Save & New button working incorrect