Sync product from redSHOP to economic

  • Product created from redSHOP administrator will be synced to E-conomic as "Product"

- Sync Product Group to E-conomic, which product group a product is belong to being set in the field "e-conomic Account Group" as below screenshot: 

If the product group does not exist on E-conomic, the system will send a request to E-conomic to create a new one, using below API call:

If the product group exists on E-conomic,  the system will send a request to E-conomic to update the existing one, using below API call:

- Sync product data to E-conomic: create new product to E-conomic (when creating new Product in redSHOP) or update info of existing product to E-conomic (in case we edit a redSHOP product).