redSLIDER Setup / Usage

Firsts Steps

The first screen of redSLIDER is the Dashboard, from there you are able to go to any place in redSLIDER component


For using redSLIDER you will need to learn about the three main concepts:  galleries, slides and templates.

Gallery is a container of slides. The Galleries can be loaded by the Joomla Modules and placed anywhere in your website.


Slides are each of the images or videos that you want to show in a Gallery


The  Templates are the entity in redSLIDER that takes care about how you distribute the content of a slide


Using the installed  demo data you can easily see redSLIDER in action in your website with just a few steps. First go to the Joomla Module Manager:


Click on the redSLIDER module:


Once into the Module configuration select the Sample Gallery provided with the redSLIDER package:


In the right side of the screen select a position in the template (if your are using the default template of Joomla 3 called Protostar, select the "Banner" position)


Right behind the position you will find the publish/unpublish selector. Please make sure you publish the module:


Finally, go to the  Menu Assignment tab and select the option on all pages


Now go to your website, you should be able to see redSLIDER in action: