Creating a Cookie Policy Joomla Article

Red Cookie allows you create a link to your Cookies Policy Joomla article:


Before setting this option in redCOOKIE configuration you need to create the Joomla Content Article that contains the full text of your cookie policy.

To create the Joomla Article  go to the top menu: Content -> Article Manager -> Add new article


Fill the article title and article content fields then click Save and Close:


Once the article is ready we need a menu item that links to the article.  Go to Menu -> Main menu (or your favourite menu) -> Add New Menu Item:


In the Menu Item Form:

  • Add a menu title, for example: Cookies policy
  • Select Menu Item Type as Single article
  • In Select Article field choose the article that you have previously created

Finally, go to redCOOKIE configuration screen:

Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager

Once you are in the Joomla plugins list  search for redcookie: And Click in the "system -redCOOKIE plugin" link, this will take you to the plugin configuration screen:


and change the value in the field "Cookies Policy Menu Item" by selecting the menu item that you just created in the previous step.