Setting the redCOOKIE Appearance

Choose the redCOOKIE Info Box appearance

redCOOKIE 1.1 offers tree different appearances. Switch between them changing the selected option in the Appearance Field:

Top Bar

Left Sidebar  

Bottom Box  

The Left Slider version has a special configuration parameter:

Thus, when  Left Slider appearance is selected you can switch the colours of the Cookies Text:


Load JQuery

JQuery is the Javascript library that allow redCOOKIE to work. By default JQuery is added by the redCOOKIE plugin. However, depending on your Joomla Template you may have a JQuery version already loaded in your system.


We recommend you to switch this option to NO and check if your redCOOKIE continues working. If it works we recommend to keep this option as "no" that will increase the performance of your site and will avoid conflicts.