redSHOP Configuration - General

This article describes the settings found in the General tab in redSHOP's Global Configuration.

Store Settings

Shop Name - The name of the online store.

Shop Country - Selects the country that the physical store is located in. This is relevant for tax purposes.

Retail Countries - Select the countries that the shop will allow taking sales from. Orders will be accepted from customers whose addresses reside in the countries approved and selected in this list. Multiple countries can be selected by holding down the "Ctrl" key when clicking on the list of countries available to choose from.

Default Shipping Country - Selects the country whose market the online store will mainly cater for. This is usually the same country selected for Shop Country.

Date Format - Sets the format in which dates will be stored and displayed within redSHOP, on both the front and back ends. There are 26 formats to choose from, and the date format selected should be both store and market appropriate.

Welcome Message - The message that gets displayed when a customer lands on a content page made using redSHOP's "Standard Category Layout To Show All Category Product" menu item link. The tag {shopname} can be used within the message to refer to the store name given in the Shop Name field.

Administrator Email - The email address of the store administrator, the one responsible for operating the online store. If there are multiple administrators, enter their email addresses separated by commas.

Use Multibyte Encoding - Designed for online stores which will be offering content in languages requiring UTF-8 multi-byte encoded characters, this sets whether UTF-8 encoding should be used when storing redSHOP-related content and displaying it on the front-end. This setting is relevant for characters from various languages, such as those in several European and East Asian languages, to be displayed correctly. More information on multibyte encoding is available on Wikipedia's UTF-8 page among many other resources across the Internet. 
Available options: Yes, No.

Currency Libraries - Selects Euro Central Bank or Currency Layer .

Retail Countries - Selects the country if you want Retail Countries . ex : Denmark , Viet Nam.

Modules and Features

Enable Statistics - (needs info) 
Available options: Yes, No.

Enable Customer Tagging - Sets whether customers with registered accounts can assign tags to products within the shop. Tags are useful to customers in helping locate specific products or narrow down search results by grouping products together using terms, words or phrases that apply to those products, and enabling this feature allows customers to assign tags to products. Having this feature enabled will also allow customers to view the tags that they have assigned to products on their "My Page". More information on how this feature works is available in redSHOP's Navigation section
Available options: Yes, No.

Enable Address Detail in Shipping - (needs info)
Available options: Yes, No.

Enable Product Reserve - Reserves the last product in stock when it's been added to someones cart, disallowing others to add that item to their cart.

Available options: Yes, No.

Cart Reservation Message - The message you wish to display to customers when the last item in stock is reserved in another customer's cart.

General Layout Settings

Do you want to load redSHOP style - 
Available options: Yes, No

Legal Extensions(File Types) - File types that can be uploaded .

Image quality - The "quality" of the images generated by redSHOP's Image Resizing engine, measured on a scale from 1 (lowest quality) to 100 (highest quality). The higher the quality value, the more detail will be included in the generated image, however the larger the size of the image file generated will be. A reasonable default value to set this to would be between 85 - 90, values in this range will ensure high-quality images are generated and displayed that are relatively small in size.

Image max width - Maximum width of the image is uploaded.

Images max height - Maximum height of the image is uploaded.

Images processing method - Processing method of image is uploaded.
Available options: No proportionalProportional resizing, Proportional resizing and crop .

Max file size upload - Maximum file size uploaded.