e-Conomic Integration

redSHOP provides a seamless integration with the accounting system  e-conomic.

With the integration you can:

  • Sync your entire product catalogue to e-conomic
  • Create full products of all variants in e-conomic
  • Sync redSHOP users as debtors in e-conomic
  • Automatically or manually generate invoices to send to the customer (and store owner, if desired)
  • Include shipping costs in invoices
  • Integrate with your redSHOP payment processor for accepting payment of invoices.

Setting up the integration requires configuration in the redSHOP Configuration, in the Integration tab, as well as installation of the e-conomic plugin for redSHOP.

To get it all set up follow these steps:

Download & Install
Download and install the e-Conomic Plugin for redSHOP.
Configure The Plugin
Go to Joomla Admin -> Extensions -> Plugin Manager, search for e-conomic to open the plugin and add your e-conomic account details:
Configure redSHOP
  1. Go to your redSHOP Admin and click on Configuration:
  2. Go to the Integration tab:
  3. Set your preferences:

e-conomic Setting Options

  • e-conomic Integration
    This setting will set the integration on, or off. Default: Off
  • Choice of Book Invoice
    Select how you would like to book invoices.  Options are: 
    • Directly Book Invoice
      Book the invoice as soon as the order is placed.
    • Manually Book Invoice
      Allow a redSHOP Admin to manually book all invoices.
    • Book Invoice on Selected Order Status
      Select a status to book the invoices when an order reaches the defined status.
  • e-conomic Book Invoice Number
    Set how you would like the invoice numbers to be done in e-conomic.  Options are: 
    • Same as Order Number
    • Sequentially in e-conomic (No match up with order number)
  • Default e-conomic Account Group
    Select the default account group
  • Store Attributes as Product in e-conomic
    Select whether you want product attributes to be added / synced in e-conomic as products.  Option are:
    • No
    • Store Attributes as Products in e-conomic
    • Store Attributes and Products in e-conomic
  • Short error messages
    If set to Yes a SOAP exception message will be shown directly, otherwise it will show simple short error messages.