How do I eliminate VAT from my shop (non VAT countries)?

For non-VAT countries a shop owner will most likely want to eliminate references to VAT in redSHOP's front end.

To do this:

Go to administrator panel >> Components >> redSHOP >> Configuration
Select the tab 'Price' and set the following:
  • Use Tax Exempt: YES
  • Show Tax Exempt in Front: NO
  • Apply VAT for Tax Exempt: NO
Go to administrator panel >> Components >> redSHOP >> VAT / Tax and Currency
In the VAT / Tax Group Management do the following:
  1. Select the group: Default
  2. Click in the button: VAT/Tax
  3. Delete all the VAT Rates that you have in redSHOP
Go to administrator panel >> Components >> redSHOP >> Customisation >> Templates
Open the template for the cart by clicking on the title.
In the description you can remove the code that you not need to show, for example:
	<td width="100">{product_subtotal_excl_vat}</td>
If you remove the above code from this template you will remove from frontend the text: Subtotal excl vat

Click Save, or Save and Close

Replacing a tag that was mistakenly deleted

If by mistake you delete a tag that you need you can copy and paste the original code for this template. You will find it in the same template, under: "Default template details".